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i-Kisaan is an online information exchange and data sharing platform that provides information about farming resources. It is a one-stop solution for farmers with effective and affordable information; that can improve the resource procurement across sectors – Agri, Dairy, Organic etc. It is a multilingual, multi-medium accessible (Web, App & Call) platform that can be used to share Agri-products, Agri-services and Agri-Information.

1) Classified Advertising (C2C).
2) Agri-Business Directory (B2B).
3) Information Bank (Blog).


i-Kisaan's classifieds is an online advertising platform for agriculture & farming sector. It provides a digital platform where users can list their farming products and services for renting and selling. Farmers can search for cheap and nearest resources required, using the map search feature. It helps farmers in achieving high crop yield and income by providing on-demand access to farming products and services, by facilitating the structured communication between farmers and other stakeholders

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Listing Categories

i-Kisaan facilitates various listing option under its services for buying, selling and renting along with Map Search:-

  • Tractors & Implements Rental.
  • Agriculture Land.
  • Seeds & Crops.
  • Warehouse,Grading Machine availability.
  • Transport Option for crop & livestock.
  • Pesticide, Fertilizer price, availability & dealer info.
  • Farming Machinery price, availability & dealer info.
  • Poultry, Dairy and lot more.

Agri-Business Directory

i-Kisaan's Business Directory helps overcome the information gap faced by farmers in India by connecting them with other key players in the agriculture value-chain like Seeds/Fertilizer Dealer, Agents etc. Access our online directory to find the contact details of Agri-Businesses near you:

  • Seeds Dealer.
  • Fertilizer Dealer.
  • Pesticides Dealer.
  • Tractor/Pump/Motor & other machinery dealer.
  • Service center and Spare part dealer.
  • Godowns, Warehouses and Cold storage location and details.

Information Bank (Blog)

i-Kisaan's Blog is the exclusive portal to access Agri-Information for various sectors like Agri, Organic farming, Dairy etc.

  • Banking: Loans, Subsidy, Insurance. Micro Finance etc.
  • Governments Schemes: Central & State Govts scheme information.
  • Know-How: Info about new farming techniques and methods.
  • Info about new Seeds and Machinery along with demo of using them.


Our vision is to be the essential partner to Indian farming & agriculture sector; by empowering farmers, labours, traders and agri-businesses through value-added & integrated information-driven services and solutions; enabled by technology.

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